1701 Powell Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-3877


Twitter: @eatatperch

Advice: Play Bengo on Thursday nights, it’s like Bingo but named after Ben so it’s Bengo.

Pesto Flatbread

Thin Crust Pizza

I had high hopes for this vegan focussed restaurant when having lunch with friends recently. The room is quite funky on two levels with lots of light escaping from the large windows. My friends and I sat upstairs and ordered the Pesto Flatbread ($5) for us all to share that was too hard to eat. Since pizzas appeared to be quite popular with 2 tables surrounding us having ordered them, I decided to join them and had the Thin Crust Pizza ($11) with vegan cheese, yam, arugula, cashew on a gluten-free crust that looked good was a fairly good size for the price, though was quite bland in taste. Both of my friends had Omelettes ($7) with various fillings that again were of a good size and lacking in flavour. The music was blaring too loud for our liking, this was a restaurant not a nightclub, and it shouldn’t have taken us three requests to have the server turn down the music alas it did.

Review By: Richard Wolak