#105 – 3757 Jacombs Road, Richmond

Tel: 778-297-4757


Twitter: @noochsc

Advice: Located behind Ikea, a hideway that is worth your discovery.

Roast Chicken Panini

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

Quinoa Spinach Salad

Passion fruit Ice Tea

Loved the big red couch in the center of this stylish restaurant that has been dressed in red and white, the eatery is spacious with lots of seating. Having experienced their delicious food at a catered function recently, I made it a mission to scout their locale in east Richmond for lunch and had my friend Gio Levy join me. On the lunch menu there is a large selection of panini, sandwiches, salads and drinks, I had the Roast Chicken Panini ($8) tender pieces of whole roasted chicken, herbs ‘n’ spice, lemon aioli, tomato, and cheddar served with a side salad and potato chips and Gio had the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich ($10) fresh chicken breast marinated in garlic and tandoori spice, lemon aioli, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. We both then shared the healthy Quinoa Spinach Salad ($9) with pineapple, papaya, feta cheese, strawberries, almonds, spinach and more. For our beverages we both had a refreshing Passion fruit Ice Tea ($3.50)

Must get by one day for breakfast and to try the fruit topped Fresca vanilla waffle!

Review By: Richard Wolak