1193 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-685-7337

Web: http://www.raincitygrill.com

Twitter: @RaincityGrill

Advice: Check out their Monday Market Dinners or one of their Tasting menus.

Dishing up local ingredients since opening almost 20 years ago, dining here has always been about the flavours, and purveying what’s local within 100 miles. The star attraction here is the team of talented, creative chefs in the kitchen lead by Chef Jennifer Peters that guide their dining guests on a tasting journey.

Beer Battered Halibut & Wild Mushroom Arancini

Beetroot Salad

Winter Squash Soup

My friend Sophia joined me for dinner and we had a few appetizers to start our meal, beginning with a couple of their Spoons which are just like a taster of some of their larger dishes. My 2 spoons were the Beer Battered Halibut ($4.25) and the Wild Mushroom Arancini ($3) with parmesan mayonnaise. The journey that began continued with the beautifully plated and delicious Beetroot Salad ($12) north arm farms beets, david woods goat cheese cannelloni, apple jellies. Then a large bowl of delectable Winter Squash Soup ($9.50) fennel & birch syrup marmalade, agassiz hazlenut shortbread.

Line Caught Sable Fish

Braised Fraser Valley Lamb Cheeks

Fraser Valley Mushroom Risotto

On to the entrees, Sophia had the Line Caught Sable Fish ($29) north arm farm orca bean & fennel ragu, sunchoke emulsion; I had the tender Braised Fraser Valley Lamb Cheeks ($25) pomme puree, caramelized fennel, mushrooms, pearl onions thumbelina carrots, balsamic lamb jus; and the Fraser Valley Mushroom Risotto ($12) with melted leeks, music garlic foam, as an additional side we had the enticing Braised Helmers Potato Skillet ($12) with BC Farmhouse Alpine Gold Cheese.

Apple Tartin

Walnut Cake

To end our tasting journey we shared the divine Apple Tartin ($9.50) with BC Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream and the tasty Walnut Cake ($9.50) with Carrot Sorbet that was heavenly and left our palate’s in delight. Our server Michaela was wonderful making our visit that much more divine, the restaurant is located steps away from English Bay!

Review By: Richard Wolak