1224 Granville Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-558-3499


Twitter: @StackhouseBB

Advice: The Brioche bun is one of the attractions. Good place to go with a friend so you can share dishes.

There is a burger and then there is a burger! Stackhouse takes it up a notch and has some of the best burgers around. My friend Cassandra Anderton and I had lunch together in this stylish room with a magnetic steel mural above the open kitchen along with big bulb hanging lamps and pointed butcher knives pointing high up towards the ceiling.

Stackhouse Burger

Chicken Burger

Onion Rings

Deep Fried Pickles

We shared the outstanding Stackhouse Burger ($15) 6.5 oz local prime rib patty with pancetta, portabellini, Guinness cheddar, chipotle aioli and butter lettuce served on a brioche bun with fries and the outstanding Chicken Burger ($15) 5 oz free-run chicken breast with Camembert cheese, truffle aioli and butter lettuce, served on a brioche bun served with a salad. We also shared an order of Onion Rings ($7) made daily in house, battered & breaded, served with your choice of aioli, and we shared an order of Deep Fried Pickles ($7) different type of dish, unique and quite tasty. The best aioli dipping sauce from the choices on offer is the Truffle by far.

Deep fried Ice Cream

They have one dessert creation on the menu which we both shared, a delicious Deep fried Ice Cream ($9) Vanilla ice cream wrapped in brioche dough, deep fried to perfection, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with a Kahlua chocolate ganache and fresh fruit. You’ll also find a selection of other burgers such as the Kobe Beef Burger, Lamb Burger, Dungeness Crab Burger and more along with salads and sliders. The bar is set-up towards the front and has beer, wine, cocktails and an extensive selection of Bourbons on offer.

I’m looking forward to my return visit to try the Kobe Beef Burger.

Review By: Richard Wolak