150-4731 Garden City Road, Richmond

Tel: 604-270-8873

Web: n/a

Advice: Try one of the noodle combo sets or take a long some friends so you can share and taste the dishes. Cash only.

Milk Peanut Butter Toast

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Chili Spice Chicken

Tom Young Soup Noodle

Vegi Spring Rolls

Beef Pot

Fried Radish Cake

Garlic Tofu

This is a Hong Kong Style Cafe that I would have never discovered on my own and I thank Tourism Richmond for pointing me in the right direction. The signage is somewhat confusing, though once inside you will find modern décor and comfortable dining. If you aren’t familiar with the menu offerings I advise you to ask.

I tasted my way through many dishes on this tasting dinner and some of the dishes I liked more than others. Since many of the dishes were on the tasting menu, I didn’t get the prices for them, the pricing is very reasonable for each of the dishes. I started off with the condensed Milk Peanut Butter Toast ($2) which I thought was unique and I wanted to try it.

One of the main features here is the soups and noodles, you can choose from nine different soup bases, seven different types of noodles and then add two other ingredients from the list of 27 ingredients for only $7.25 which is a pretty good deal. One of the soups that I liked was the Tom Yum Soup Noodle. The other dishes that I liked included the garlic topped Deep Fried Chicken Wings, I am not usually a fan of wings but these were very tasty. The Chili Spice Chicken was a bit too spicy for me personally, the Vegi Spring Rolls were your basic spring rolls. I didn’t care to much for the Beef Rice Pot as the beef was too tough for my liking. I loved the Fried Radish Cake as well as the Garlic Tofu and both of these were my standouts from this dining experience.

Review by: Richard Wolak