2836 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 778.789.4455


Advice: Go early for the breakfast pastries as they come out of the oven.

I love French pastry, since visiting the pastry shops in Paris and around France, I have always loved the aromas, and delicious array of sweets! As soon as I heard that this delightfully authentic French pastry shop in Kitsilano had opened, I was there.

Working in the fine tradition of French pâtisserie, Steeve offers customers an exquisite selection of fresh pastries, beverages and specialty lunch items. From delicate, buttery almond croissants, to sweet macarons and pain au chocolat, he showcases his unique flair and dedication to quality and authenticity.

Espresso & Orange Marmalade Vol-Au-Vent

On this visit, I had the Orange Marmalade Vol-Au-Vent ($2.55) a delicious pastry that was quite light with orange marmalade along with an Espresso ($2.25). Next time I will visit for lunch to try one of their sandwiches!

The room is warm and inviting with a large seating area, the service was wonderful as well. Steeve gained invaluable experience working in Michelin starred restaurants across Europe. His work along side such greats as Joël Robuchon in London and Olivier Bajard in Perpignan has provided Vancouver’s newest pastry chef with savoir-faire and an unwavering commitment to excellence, look for more sweet treats in the coming days.

Review by: Richard Wolak