A Quest for the Best Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns or Cinnamon Rolls are a staple snack at cafes and bakeries throughout North America, there are bakeries and cafes that boast their buns to be the best and there are chains that specialize in the one and only cinnamon goodness. I have spent a month sampling my away around Vancouver to find the BEST Cinnamon Bun or Roll.

Note: You may not agree with my opinion as my taste may not be your taste. Most of the buns and rolls are from independents with a few chains though I did steer clear from the national chains that only make cinnamon buns. The prices indicated include tax and were for one cinnamon bun/roll. I only visited places in Vancouver, I did not venture into the suburbs on this quest.

In ranking order, these are my favourite Cinnamon Buns and Rolls around Vancouver.

1) Grounds For Coffee 2565 Alma Street – $3.73

Gooey, big, the most perfect amount of cinnamon, thin layers of dough, topped with tasty white icing, delicious taste and the very best that I had.


2) Cobs – Multiple locations – $2.80

Large, perfect amount of cinnamon, thin layers of dough, topped with tasty white icing, lots of layers of goodness.


3) Crème de la Crumb – 466 Granville Street – $3.64

Small for the price, good amount of cinnamon, topped with the best vanilla bean white icing, tasty. The icing is what makes these buns so good.


4) Solly’s –3 locations — $3.08

Good size, perfectly textured with layers of flakey dough, moist, full of cinnamon, tasty.


5) Bean Around The World –multiple locations — $2.70

Gooey, big, good amount of cinnamon , topped with white icing.


6) Kaplan’s –5775 Oak Street — $3.08

Huge, yeasty texture dough that was a bit dry, lots of cinnamon and lots of raisins.


7) Whole Foods Cambie – 510 West 8th Avenue

Gigantic, full of rains, dense, topped with honeyed pecans.


8) Melriches –1244 Davie Street — $2.91

Big, dry bun, not a great tasting dough, right amount of cinnamon, with few raisins.


Do you have a favourite Cinnamon Bun or Roll from a bakery or café around Vancouver or in the suburbs?

Feel free to add your comment here and name the place and their location, the cost of each including tax and why you think they are the best!

By: Richard Wolak

  • jay

    nice roundup! went and tried melriche’s after i tweeted it … i think they changed their recipe, i agree with your description … gotta go back to grounds for coffee, i vaguely remember their buns from years ago when i changed bus at the bus stop right in front of them! or just bake some of my own!

  • Good call on Solly’s. Delaney’s on Denman has excellent ones as well. Blenz’s are pretty decent too. I also like JJ Bean’s, if you can get them fresh & hot.

  • lol great post Richard. I did one on egg tarts and wontons… but haven’t posted them yet! I hope you didn’t do this in one day like I did with my poutines lol!

  • 2 others worth mentioning – UBC’s cinnamon buns (do they still make those? it’s been a while since I was a student) and the Bread Garden’s cinnamon knots. The photos you posted make me hungry!

  • Blythediva

    I watched you on TV this morning and led me to your review.
    Breka Bakery on 6533 Fraser Street has one of the best cinnamon buns out there.

  • Care

    I found the best cinnamon buns from Siegel’s Bagels.These are kind of sticky buns.The taste is so good.