Opening Night at The Charles Bar

I was fairly lucky to be invited in on opening night last Friday September 3rd to experience The Charles Bar, perhaps the bar was named after a guy named Charles, I’m not sure, but this bar hits it on the nose in this neighbourhood. The room is beautiful, dark wooden floors, large wooden tables, high ceilings and a cool bar set-up along with a kitchen cooking pretty good food! Owned by the Adelphia Group, this bar is located in the new Woodward’s building on the Cordova side in Gastown.

Gastown Lemonade

Tuna Tataki

Truffle Fries

I sampled some of the food and drink, favourites were the Gastown Lemonade, Tuna Tataki and Truffle Fries.

The Charles Bar is located at 136 West Cordova and online at

By: Richard Wolak

  • BarMan

    Nicely-designed space, but the tacos were bland and the draught list was disappointing to say the least. Service was inexperienced and slow. Given that The Charles has only been open for just over a week, let’s hope the owners make adjustments.

  • Jeff

    Food sucked! Servers are rude and the posted the wrong phone number. I called 604-568-5040 and it was a residential number. Felt bad calling and waking up a baby at 12am

  • Sandy French

    its named after Charles Woodward, the founder of Woodward’s