1835 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-2929

Web: www.piato.ca

Advice: Bring friends and order some small plates to share.

Meat Moussaka

K.l.t. Sandwich with Greek Fries

I have dined here a few times, sometimes with friends and at times on my own, the Greek food is unlike any of the places you may have dined at in this part of the world. This is a journey through Greece and as you travel you will be inspired by the dishes that you taste. First of all the room is stylish, as you enter you will see white brick walls, brown chairs, tables with white tablecloths and white napkins. The long bar is sleek white with Ouzo bottles lining up behind the bar and pictures of relatives from their home country. Secondly, the menu is vast and features a wide range of Greek specialties which is abode to healthier cooking, light and delicious. Some of the dishes that I have had include the Meat Moussaka ($14) — short rib ragu, potatoes, eggplant and cheese béchamel, served with Fennel apple salata. White bean hummus ($6) dip and a Spicy feta with basil ($6) dip both served with their Greek bread and pita. K.l.t. Sandwich ($11) is a boneless chicken thigh, mixed leaves, tomato and spicy feta, served with Greek fries. The perfect ending to a meal here is to have the Greek coffee with a little sugar and the Baklava ($7) mixed nuts rolled in filo pastry and drenched in honey; or one of their other tasty desserts. There is a great selection of Greek wines and Ouzo for your enjoyment.

Specializing in your not so usual Greek food, you will find some tasty delicacies here.

Review by: Richard Wolak