Sip Resto 003

1117 Granville Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-687-7474


Twitter: @SIPLoungeVan

Advice: Sit up a front at the kitchen bar if your are dining solo and want to watch some kitchen action.

Soco Spicy Chicken

Soco Spicy Chicken

Love the vibe of the room, with the open kitchen at the front of the restaurant where the chefs create and plate up their boozy dishes. The teasers and inventive plates are just that tasty and creative. Most of the dishes are made with liquor from Southern Comfort to Vodka to Tequila. I sat at the bar so that I could watch the chefs in action, my chicken dish was awesome having had the Soco Spicy Chicken ($10) crispy chicken breast, southern comfort, sweet chili sauce, cucumber, scallions. Other rock star dishes to have on your own or to share with friends is the Pina Colada Prawns ($12) grilled prawns, Bacardi glaze, Malibu dip, tropical salad. For dessert try the Rustic Apple Gallette ($8) granny smith apples, puff pastry, goldshlager caramel and whipped cream. On the drinks side of things, try something off the spiked coffees list or one of their many inventive cocktails.

Review by: Richard Wolak