1513 West Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: 604.736.4244

Web: www.michi-sushi.com

Advice: Order 3 as it is the best value.


Taking sushi to the next level, instead of grabbing a six pack of sliced sushi at the nearby sushi shop, Michi-Sushi makes life easier, here their sushi are hand like rolls that you don’t eat with chopsticks you eat by holding them. The shop is small, here you will find a large glass case filled with several kinds of their Michi Sushi, all look fresh and intriguing. I ordered 3 of the Michi Sushi rolls as it was a better value for 3. My choices included the Spicy Scallop, California and the Prawn (3 for $8), each was delicious and each offered very different flavours.  One of the advantages at this sushi place is that each roll is filled with a mix of brown and white rice and all of the fillings are freshly made there.

Review by: Richard Wolak